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January 2016


Top Stories of 2015

The Year In Review

It always bugs me a little at this time of year when the news media begins to review all the top stories of the year. I think it bugs me because it’s hard to take in that another year has gone by. It isn’t all bad for us to look back and so I have come up with some of the top stories from FBC Branch during the past year. I may have skipped some or included some that you might not think were all that big. Let me know what you think.

Prayers Answered – We saw God work in great ways in a number of our folks – Mona Mahl, Jimmy Don Sigler, Leeann Swain, Cheryl Martin, Sheila Carson, Linda Brewer, Gene Carson, Mike Cunningham, Ron Stubblefield.  Some of these we are still praying about but God definitely heard our prayers and answered. Thank you, Lord!

We also saw some prayers that God answered in ways that we wouldn’t have chosen – James T. King, Shirley Burton, Janie Roberds, Ethan Beason, S.J. Hopkins and Reba Hammond were all ones from our family and extended family that went home to heaven this year. One of the greatest answers to prayer that I saw this year was when Lowell Parker, 82 years old, received Christ as his Savior and then was baptized.

Folks Saved – We saw God work in a lot of people’s lives this year – and all of these are a direct result of prayer. We saw people saved through our Easter Program, Summer Youth Camp (8 saved), VBS (6 saved), Day Camp (2 saved), Mission Trip (492 saved), Fall Revival, Fall Festival (5 saved) plus several who were saved in our Wednesday night youth services. I don’t have exact numbers for some of our events but the Lord knows. We had an awesome year in sharing our faith. Praise God! He alone receives the glory!

We also got to see a number of folks follow the Lord Jesus in baptism this year. We had 8 in one service, 3 in another, plus several more. Pray for God to keep moving!

Youth Pastor Transition – At the end of August, we saw a huge shift in our youth ministry. Dusty Wright and his family left our church to find a church home nearer to their home in Danville. They are still praying about where God would have them to serve. We love them and miss them very much but we are thankful for some 14 years that Dusty gave to our youth ministry. They did a great job.

It was amazing to see that when Dusty felt led to move on, God had already prepared James and Rebecca Cunningham to step up and take their place. The transition was about as seamless and painless as it could have been. I praise God for the positive way that we were able to love on Dusty and Amanda and their family as they left but also to welcome James and Rebecca. God is still blessing and we praise Him for our youth ministry.

Well, 2015 has been a pretty good year. It’s had its ups and downs. But I’m thankful for all God has done and has brought us through. What more could He have done? Now there is a tough question to answer. Only He knows. But surely if we had been more attentive to His Spirit, more obedient, more filled with faith – He could have worked in even greater ways. But God is so gracious. He is about to set us up with a brand new year filled with brand new possibilities. 2016 is going to be an adventure. Are you ready? I hope so. I am thankful for each of you and I love you all. You are such a blessing to me and to my family. I love my church family! Pray for God to do even greater things in this coming year.

With a grateful heart,

Pastor Tim Hobbs